Relaxing massages...

These massages do not have any specific therapeutic or medical purpose. Anybody, unless otherwise directed by their doctor, can enjoy a massage, which is a great way to relax and feel good.
Soft background music and lighting will help your body and mind relax.

The ‘Nid Pennol’ massage

This is a mixture of a number of massage techniques such as ‘Californian massage’ (gentle, more general massage) and ‘Swedish massage’ (more vigorous massage that’s more focussed on specific parts of the body).
This is therefore an excellent ‘full-body massage that combines muscular massage (to get rid of stress and release the body’s toxins) with periods of total relaxation that will help you unwind mentally.
The massage is performed on a massage table. I use different types of scented essential oils. 60 min. massage : 55 €. 30 min. massage : 30 €.

The hot stone massage

This treatment uses volcanic basalt stones and was developed from the ancestral practices of the native American tribes of Arizona. Its goal is to rebalance energy levels and break down muscle tension. This is a fairly gentle, yet extremely relaxing massage technique. The heat given off by the stones gets rid of knots and muscular tension and really enables the body to unwind. 60 min. massage : 60 €

Abhyanga massage

It is a part of the ayurvedic medicine and comes from India. Its objective is to clean, to dry out to facilitate the traffic of the energy in all the body and so harmonize the latter. It is a rather tonic and more rhythmical massage. 75 min. massage : 60 €

Whirlpool bath

Whether combined with a massage session or not, a little time in our two person whirlpool bath will be sure to help you relax. 25 min. session : 5 €.

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